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New NAR Commercial

Have you watched the new TV commercial from NAR?  If not, here you go:

CRAAR Blood Drive

Thanks to all the members who gave blood today!  Click on the photos to see some of our members who helped out today.  


Thank you to our members who helped purchase food, prepare it and serve 148 people at the Mission of Hope on 5/15.  Just another way REALTORS are giving back to our community.  The pictures are thumbnails so if you click on the picture it opens the full photo.  

Housing Co-Op’s for Commercial Realtors

          Thank you to Dennis McMenimen, Shuttleworth & Ingersoll, PLC for speaking at today’s lunch and learn for Commercial Realtors about Housing Co-Op’s.

CRAAR Blood Drive

Cedar Rapids Area Association of Realtors Blood Drive CRAAR will be hosting a blood drive for the American Red Cross this summer! Please sign up to donate to this great cause! Culver’s will be providing a free pint of ice cream to anyone that donates. The drive is set to take place in 2 locations …

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