Here you will find step by step instructions on the additional features of your website:


To add a person:
Go to DASHBOARD -> CONNECTIONS -> ADD ENTRY to add a new person. Add first name, last name, title. Scroll down to add image, email and phone number. Add bio information under the appropriate area.
Scroll back to the top, right hand side, Leave INDIVIDUAL marked, click on PUBLIC and choose a CATEGORY. Click ADD ENTRY.

To remove a person:
Go to DASHBOARD -> CONNECTIONS -> MANAGE. This will show all the current entries. If you would like to remove an entry, hover under that person’s name and you will see a list of options appear. There is a DELETE option you can choose and the person will be deleted.



Download Monitor is a feature for uploading and managing downloads, tracking download hits, and displaying links. The whole idea to this plugin is to keep your files organized, and provide means to monitor the amount of downloads a file has, along with an easy method of linking to those files using special tags; by adding a simple tag to a WordPress page you can show the link formatted however you want.

How to edit existing documents:
Login into the DASHBOARD -> DOWNLOADS -> EDIT. Locate the document that needs to be updated. HOVER over the title until the EDIT button appears, CLICK.

Go about half way down the options to THE FILE(REQUIRED). Click on CHOOSE FILE and locate the new document to upload. Once the new file is ready for upload, check the box that says REMOVE OLD FILE?  Then SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the screen.

How to add a document:
Individual documents can be added at the page edit screen. In the top line you will see a small arrow pointing down, click on this.

You will be able to VIEW DOWNLOADS and choose a specific ID (first column) and INSERT (last column) into your page.  The code will then look like this ie: [download id=”0″], with the ID listed that was chosen.

How to add a group of documents:
To add files log into the DASHBOARD -> DOWNLOADS -> ADD NEW. Provide the document with a TITLE, VERSION is not necessary, DESCRIPTION if you would like. SELECT A FILE -> UPLOAD FILE -> choose or create a CATEGORY -> scroll to the bottom -> UPLOAD & SAVE

Once the documents is loaded, you can view this in the EDIT section of the DOWNLOADS. You can then add a group of documents by category with this code and by changing the category number. This category is 1. [downloads query=”&category=1&orderby=date&order=desc”]



Go to the DASHBOARD -> EVENTS -> ADD NEW. Add the TITLE, a description can be added in the large box (like location inside the church such as a room)

Then fill out the date information, time information, if it’s an all day event or if it’s a recurring event. You can then choose an existing venue (FPC is already in there) or create a new one. It will auto-save once created. The you can check the Google map box if you’d like a map to be available. Then you can add Organizer information or Cost if there is one, otherwise leave those blank.

On the right hand side, right below the PUBLISH button, choose and EVENT CATEGORY. If the category you want isn’t there already, go down a bit further and create a new one.

Then click PUBLISH.

Just like the POSTS and PAGES, you can set a future date when this should become active (right above PUBLISH)

If you need to just cancel one week on a recurring series, do to EVENTS -> EVENTS-> Locate the title & date of the one you’d like to adjust, hover over the title, click EDIT to make changes, click TRASH to delete or click VIEW just to see how the event reads.



To review/change existing forms:

Go to DASHBOARD -> FORMS ->FORMS. Locate the form to be updated. Hover over the title until the EDIT button appears below the name. Click EDIT. The left hand side is the form that has been created. The options on the right hand side under STANDARD FIELDS, ADVANCED FIELDS, POST FIELDS and PRICING FIELDS are single click to insert that can be placed anywhere in the form.

Locate the field you would like to update on the left hand side by hovering over the various boxes. The options will high light in a light blue box and click on the EDIT button to make changes to that specific area or to delete this option. (see below)

To create a form:

Go to DASHBOARD -> FORMS -> NEW FORM. Untitled form will appear, click the EDIT button to rename the title and reword the description if necessary. Click CLOSE. On the right hand side, review options for creating the form, single click and they will appear on the left hand side. These can then be dragged to different locations within the form.

All available features are offered here,

Watch and use a demonstration here,

Once the form is created and saved, it can be placed on any page, widget or sidebar. Locate the page to place the form on (have the cursor at the exact spot to insert the form), click the button, Add Form that is located on the top of the tool bar, towards the right hand side.

Select this and choose the ‘form name’ that is being inserted, uncheck the DISPLAY FORM TITLE & DISPLAY FORM DESCRIPTION boxes. (Text can be inserted here to ask users to complete the below form as shown above) Then click INSERT FORM. The code in the brackets […] will appear and will auto insert the new created form. PUBLISH or UPDATE the page once this form code is inserted.




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