August 2015 Member Changes

New Members: (name, company)

Roy Nowers, Skogman Realty

Gretchen Hollingsworth, Skogman Realty

Jacob Peterman, Revolution Realty Team

Guy Geinzer, Coldwell Banker Lee’s Town and Country

Adriel Soper, HCH Real Estate

Christine Diers, Iowa Realty

Mike Bailey, Ruhl


New Members: (Secondary)

Jason Hayes, Skogman Realty

Travis Wiley, Wapsie Realty


Member Changes:

Tres Neil is now affiliated with Revolution Realty Team


Inactive Members: (name, company)

Karrie Velky, Iowa Realty

Kimberly Dahl, Iowa Realty

Kathy Potter, Iowa Realty

Lori Copper, Skogman Realty

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