January Member Changes

New Office:
Hal Kleinsmith Appraisals
Hal Kleinsmith
701 Raymond Dr
Solon, IA 52333

New Members: (name, company)
Samm Arends, Coldwell Banker Hedges Realty
Hayden Ostwinkle, Coldwell Banker Hedges Realty
Bev Moser, Coldwell Banker Hedges Realty
Sam Anderson, Coldwell Banker Hedges Realty
Alex Cabrera Morales, Skogman Realty
Mindy Martin, Skogman Realty
Shannon Banks, Skogman Realty
Melinda Dufoe, Pinnacle Realty
Jacque Muzo, Pinnacle Realty
Ali McDonald, Skogman Realty


New Members: (Secondary)
Joni Eubank, Skogman Realty
Jeanne Glaser, Keller Williams 1 Advantage
Hal Kleinsmith, Hal Kleinsmith Appraisals
Channing Smith, Keller Williams Legacy Group

Office Change:
Century 21 Revolution is now Revolution Realty Team
Jeanne Glaser is now the broker of Keller Williams 1 Advantage
John Beck is now the broker of Iowa Realty Downtown
John Beck is now the broker of Iowa Realty Commercial

Inactive Office:
Cook Appraisal, Inc
Steve L. Droll
1580 Mall Drive
Iowa City, IA 52240

Member Changes:
Travis Ferguson is now affiliated with Keller Williams 1 Advantage
Dasha Bays is now affiliated with Keller Williams 1 Advantage
Anthony Lueken is now affiliated with eXp Realty
Kelly Johnson is now affiliated with Pinnacle Realty
Mitch Weideman is now affiliated with Skogman Realty
Libbie Weber Bettis is now affiliated with The Metropolitan Group
Raylene Grose is now affiliated with eXp Realty
Jen Haney is now affiliated with Pinnacle Realty
Taylor Rowell is now Taylor Toner

Inactive Members: (name, company)
Colton Holmes, Skogman Realty
RJ Murphy, Skogman Realty
Ryan Snakenberg, Pinnacle Realty
Jay Young, Keller Williams Legacy Group
Mike Paige, Keller Williams Legacy Group
Ryan Avila-Burillo, Keller Williams Legacy Group
Katelin Powers, Pinnacle Realty
Lenchen Raeside, Coldwell Banker Hedges Realty
Tim Koch, Keller Williams Legacy Group
Katherine Macht, Keller Williams Legacy Group
Heather Godbolt, Pinnacle Realty
Carolyn Lumm, Kopel Realtors & Consultants
Brittany Whiting, eXp Realty
Tara Coyle, Keller Williams Legacy Group
Savanah Willard, Skogman Realty
John Thompson, Kopel Realtors and Consultants
Steve Droll, Cook Appraisal, Inc

Inactive Affiliate Members:
Zoom Home Inspection, LLC
John Ferden
2782 Prairie View Dr NE
Swisher, IA 52338

Randy Barber
Quality Pest Control
1515 Blairsferry Road
Marion, IA 52302

Corridor Radon, LLC
Kelly L Winegar
3887 Lake Vista Drive NE
Solon, IA 52333

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