Member Changes December 2014

New Office:
Schlarbaum Real Estate
320 2nd Ave
Vinton, IA 52349

New Members: (name, company)
Luke Long, Coldwell Banker Hedges
Ashtin Keister, Iowa Realty
Scott Schlarbaum, Schlarbaum Real Estate
Roger Schlarbaum, Schlarbaum Real Estate
Stephen Wood, Schlarbaum Real Estate

Inactive Office:
Allison James Estates and Homes

Member Changes: (name, new company)
Jami Wolf is now affiliated with Skogman Realty

Inactive Members: (name, company)
Aaron Amos, Skogman Realty
Dave Roberts, Gateway Access Realty
Teresa Van Roekel, Iowa Realty
Adolf Nezerka, Iowa Realty
Brian Rood, Iowa Realty
Marilyn Gill, Marian Arens Elite Realty
Jude Frett, Iowa Realty
Jim Houser, Skogman Realty
Joel Baker, Allison Real Estate
DJ Carpenter, Iowa Realty
Jasmin Zejnic, Skogman Realty
Maria Shelton, Skogman Realty
Angie Cannon, Skogman Realty
Kelsie DeReus, Skogman Realty
Errol Lindsey, Skogman Realty
Barb Steggal, Skogman Realty
Janette Benzing, Iowa Realty
Miranda Pickett, Ruhl & Ruhl Real Estate
Susan Meyer, Lake Delhi Trading Places Realty

Inactive Affiliate Members:
UICCU Mortgage
Mohlis Appraisals

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