September 2015 Member Changes

New Members:

Molly Feldman, Graf Home Selling Team & Associates

Taylor Helgens, HCH Real Estate, Inc.
New Members: (Secondary)

Sara Pettit, Coldwell Banker RE Professionals-Corridor
Office Change:

Sandersfeld Iowa Realty is now ExitHuls Realty
Inactive Office:

Skogman Realty

West Office

1201 Edgewood Rd SW

Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Loras Bleile Certified appraisals 16288 Country Club drive Peosta, IA 52068 phone/text 563 580-3361
Lake Delhi Trading Places Realty


Inactive Members: (name, company)

Corey Hagerman, Skogman Realty

Tracy Adams, Coldwell Banker RE Professionals-Corridor

Tiffany Skogman, Skogman Realty

Mallory Lacy, Skogman Realty

Joyce Dennis, Iowa Realty

Brandy McDannald, Kopel REALTORS and Consultants

Steven Christopher, Coldwell Banker Hedges

Nicole Buck, Skogman Realty

Anna Taylor, Lake Delhi Trading Places Realty

Anne Faber, Lake Delhi Trading Places Realty

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