August Member Changes

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New members:

Sara Brannaman, Coldwell Banker Hedges

Nick Conrey, Skogman Realty

Cory Findlay, Skogman Realty

Katie Gombert, Barner Realty & Auction

Joe Gregory, Skogman Realty

Jeffrey Haderthauer, Koestner, McGivern & Associates

Brittini Hein, Coldwell Banker Hedges

Kathleen Klarenbeek, Skogman Realty

Tracey Molina, Iowa Realty

Akwi Nji, Coldwell Banker Hedges

Rebecca Phipps, Skogman Realty

Ed Popelka, Skogman Realty

Sharon Rolfes, Skogman Realty

Jerad Ruth, Skogman Realty

Jeff Shannon, Hawker Appraisal

Jen Steffen, Coldwell Banker Hedges

Molly Trimble, Lepic-Kroeger Corridor

Saige Turner, Skogman Realty

Sofia Warren, Skogman Realty

Dan Wilkes, Skogman Realty


New firm:

Revolution Realty Team

Jeremy Wilson, Designated Broker

2219 Shady Grove Road

Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

Office Phone: (319) 929.5595


Member Changes:

Becky Conrads is now affiliated with Lepic-Kroeger Corridor

Brittini Hein is now affiliated with Iowa Realty

Robert Stiles is now affiliated with Revolution Realty Team


Inactive Members:

Brenton Bult, Skogman Realty

Ed Duran, Coldwell Banker Hedges

Linda Fritts, Iowa Realty

Charlie Graves, Skogman Realty

Chip Miller, Iowa Realty

Wendell Miller, Skogman Realty

David Olsen, Skogman Realty

Glenn Patton, Skogman Realty

Kevin Recker, Skogman Realty

Toni Rubin, Skogman Realty

Jessica Schropp, Skogman Realty

Ryan Smith, Skogman Realty

Blaine Thomas, Skogman Realty

Kay Williams, Coldwell Banker Hedges


New affiliate member:

Affordable Garages, Inc.

Todd Peterson, Owner

716 F Avenue NW

Cedar Rapids, IA 52405

Office Phone: (319) 364.0080


Schafer Home Inspection Services, LLC

Jeffrey Schafer, Owner

339 Windsor Drive NE

Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Office Phone: (319) 775.0709

Office Fax: (319) 333.0983

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